Seed Treatment and White Mold in Soybeans

White mold is a common fungal pathogen found in soybeans that is caused by the sclerotinia sclerotiorum. The spores infect plants mainly through colonized blossoms, can prevent successful pod development and greatly depress yield. Importantly, the pathogen can be scattered back into the soil during harvest and survive over winter (and in certain cases for…

Late Season Nitrogen Deficiency in Corn

Considered one of the most important nutrients for corn, sufficient nitrogen is crucial to the plant’s life cycle. Nutrient deficiencies can cause yellowing of leaves, stunted growth and, most importantly, yield loss. If the early part of the growing season indicates that the crop is nitrogen deficient, a grower may still be able address the…

My Yield Farmers discussing Box to Box Seed Treaters and Seed Treatments

The Value of Accountability

As farmers ourselves, we appreciate accountability.

We know farmers have a lot going on, especially during planting season. When there’s an issue, you don’t have time to call your seed treater manufacturer, your seed treatment provider and your dealer. And you certainly don’t have time to entertain the finger pointing that goes on between them all.

My Yield Box to Box Seed Treater

Why Three Seed Treaters?

As farmers ourselves, we know each farming operation is unique. One size doesn’t fit all. So we set out address the needs of each and every farmer.

We built all of our seed treaters from the ground up for fast, easy and accurate seed treatment on the farm. Each seed treater delivers the same great