The Grower’s Seed Treater


Who we are

At My Yield, we empower farmers with our seed treater systems to treat their seed on their farms on their time. We’re specialists, not generalists. We focus solely on seed treatment because it’s the first opportunity to unlock yield potential or forever lose it. We work with our guys to take advantage of the latest seed treatment technologies from application systems to base chemistries to overtreatments to micronutrients and biologicals. 


Who our growers are

My Yield guys are forward thinking growers working to produce more for less. Sure, our guys cut their input costs substantially by treating themselves. But it’s about more than just saving money. It’s about taking control, staying sharp and increasing return. Our guys get that, which is why they’re moving forward while others are standing still. 


How we work together

It’s simple. We provide our guys with everything they need to treat their own seed—the treater, the treatment, the technical advice and the on-farm support. Because we believe in accountability, we do everything in house and outsource nothing. If there’s ever an issue or a question, the only number you need is ours. 


Listen to what growers across the country are saying: