Farmers Are Now Treating Their Own Seed
And there are three good reasons why

1Profit. MY YIELD seed treatment systems generate profit for you by lowering the cost of each treated seed unit and eliminating the risk of pre-purchasing treated seed. You can save enough money to more than pay for your system in the very first season and treat yourself to the profits each year thereafter.

2Control. With MY YIELD seed treatment systems, you can finally take control of your treatment and planting process. Never be stuck with treated seed you can’t plant, return or sell. Never delay planting to wait for treated seed to be delivered or retrieved. MY YIELD systems enable you to treat exactly what you need when you need it, right on your farm.

3Independence. You no longer need to precisely predict how much treated seed to buy months in advance. You no longer need to defer to others on what treatments to use on your farm. MY YIELD systems and chemical blends allow you to achieve true autonomy in your treatment and planting process. By treating your own seed with systems tailored for your operation, you can finally achieve peace of mind and true independence.

Treating Your Own Seed Is Easy
Learn How Easy The Process Is