Picture of plants grown with My Yield Biologicals that are significantly larger than plants in a control group

We work with each of our growers on individualized plans to ensure their seed treatments not only provide the necessary protection but also improve crop nutrition, boost soil health and create a sustainable cropping environment.

Each season we work with the leading manufacturers of biologicals, overtreatments and micronutrients to support our growers’ plans. We only offer products with proven track records and supporting data from the experts in the field. And we personally test each product on our own research farms to ensure the best performance.

By taking a systems approach to soil biology, our growers are now regaining a grip on the soil microbiome, ensuring a balanced ecosystem to support the crop and driving ROI.

Biologicals, overtreatments and micronutrients are among the next advancements in seed-applied technologies. But it is a constantly changing space with countless emerging products. So we make sure our guys have the training to select what works best on their farms and leave the rest.


Here’s what our customers are saying . . .

“We ran checks in multiple fields and saw yield advantages from 5.5 to 12.5 bushel.”
-Ken B, LA Grower 

“We split planted two separate corn overtreatment trials. My Yield averaged 8 bushels better in the first and 6 bushels better in the second.”
-Micah R, IA Grower and Dealer

“The results were clear–My Yield won by 11 bushel in one trial and 18 bushel in another.”
-Kirk A, IA Grower

“I’m in a high yield group and My Yield pays.”
-Justin L, MN Grower

“I’ve never harvested corn that yielded this high until I started overtreating with My Yield.”
-Jason S, ND Grower

“We’re now seeing a huge ROI with the products we’re using and My Yield made the difference.”
-Kevin H,  KY Grower

“We overtreat our corn with My Yield and have seen a 6 to 9 bushel increase compared to fields we didn’t overtreat. We don’t currently use the highest dollar yield monitors, but we’ll soon be able to afford them if we keep it up.”
-Brad S, IL Grower

“At first we didn’t know where to start when it came to seed treatment and biologicals. But then we joined My Yield and those guys really took the time to educate us. This is going to be a big part of our operation going forward.”
-Jake W, TN Grower

“Biologicals are going to be a big part of farming going forward—they are here to stay. My Yield gives us the power and flexibility to work with the best ones.”
-Parker M, IA Grower