The Problem

Having control over your operation is fundamental to running an efficient and profitable farm. This is true in all critical applications like planting, combining and marketing. And this is especially true when it comes to your seed treatment process – the growing season’s first opportunity to unlock maximum yield or suffer irreversible loss.

We recognized how little control and transparency farmers currently have in their seed treatment process. It’s completely out of your hands. You’re forced to guess how much treated seed you’ll need months in advance. This requires you to purchase your treated seed months before planting. And you don’t even know if the treatment you’re getting is really the right treatment for your farm’s particular needs. As a result, you can only hope that you purchased the right amount of treated seed, that the seed treatment applied is right for your specific operation and that you’ll actually be able to plant that treated seed. That’s a lot of hoping. This uncertainty and risk creates frustration, stress and cost that are unnecessary.

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The Solution

As engineers and innovators, we set out to solve this problem. Our goal was simple: restore power to the farmer. After years of research and development, we created the My Yield® seed treatment systems. We designed, engineered and manufactured the My Yield® seed treaters to empower farmers to take control of their own seed treatment process.

My Yield® enables you to treat your own seed accurately, just-in-time and right on your farm. And the custom My Yield® seed treatments ensure that you have the right blend(s) to meet your farm’s unique demands at lower costs. The seamless My Yield® seed treatment systems empower farmers to control their entire seed treatment process from blender to tender.

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The Benefits

By treating your own seed with My Yield®:

  • You substantially lower the cost of treating seed. In many cases, farmers actually save enough money to pay for their My Yield® seed treater in the very first season and reap the profits every season after.
  • You completely eliminate the risk of pre-purchasing treated seed because you don’t need to predict how much treated seed to buy and what treatment to use months in advance.
  • You can select the exact treatment specifications for your operation from variety to variety, field to field and year to year.
  • You never have to worry if the treatments you select and pay for are applied correctly.
  • You’ll never be stuck with treated seed you can’t plant, return or sell.

All you have to lose is stress, uncertainty and cost. And you stand to gain simplicity, peace of mind and performance. The choice is yours.

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