Here’s what our customers are saying . . .

“I’m in a high yield group and My Yield pays.”
– Justin L, MN Grower

“It’s the best thing we’ve ever done for our farm.”
– Mark P, IA Grower

“We ran side by sides on our soybeans. The difference was clear. My Yield won by 6 bushel.”
– Matt H, SD Grower

“We’re excited by what we saw—My Yield’s performance blend beat the standard by 2.1 bushel.”
– Zach B, IL Grower

“We ran checks in multiple fields and saw yield advantages from 5.5 to 12.5 bushel.”
– Ken B, LA Grower 

“We split planted two separate corn overtreatment trials. My Yield averaged 8 bushels better in the first and 6 bushels better in the second.”
– Micah R, IA Grower and Dealer

“The results were clear–My Yield won by 11 bushel in one trial and 18 bushel in another.”
– Kirk A, IA Grower

“Hard to think of a higher paying job than running our My Yield system.”
– Alex H, MO Grower

“It’s the most profitable piece of equipment I own.”
– John H, IN Grower

“I’ve been really happy with the education and support from My Yield.”
– Jared L, SD Grower

“We saw a night and day difference with My Yield. Same variety. Same field. Same day.”
– Tate G, ND Grower

“My corn never looked this good!”
– Dan H, IA Grower

“Everything has been great. Better than advertised. Can’t say enough good things about My Yield.”
– Ben G, LA Grower

“Our beans are hands down the best looking in the area. It’s night and day. They are overpowering everything else.”
– Mike C, IN Grower

“I’ve seen a clear yield increase and ROI with My Yield.”
– Mike M, IA Grower

“I’ve never harvested corn that yielded this high until I started overtreating with My Yield.”
–Jason S, ND Grower

“We tested My Yield, saw a 3.8 bushel advantage and consistent performance since.”
– Noah N, ND Grower

“I’m 100% on the My Yield team.”
–Tanner L, IA Grower

“I’d recommend My Yield to anyone that asks.”
– Mike O, ND Grower and Dealer

“We’ve been in the seed business for 30 years and we still marvel at the job My Yield does.”
– Ben W, Grower and Dealer

“I don’t know how you can get better guys than those at My Yield.”
– Ryan H, SD Grower

“Those guys are always available and great to deal with.”
– Tanner L, IA Grower

“We overtreated our corn with My Yield and the difference was huge. At V4, we had double the roots vs the control.”
– Jacob L, NE Grower

“The wheat we treated is some of the best we’ve ever seen.”
– Doug H, IN Grower

“I am bought in on what My Yield is doing. My micros in my tissue tests have never been more balanced.”
– Matt B, Grower

“I definitely put my trust in the My Yield team.”
– James A, ND Grower

“I’ve been around a lot of seed treatments and My Yield is unmatched.”
– Michael E, SD Grower

“Glad we made the jump to My Yield. They’ve got a great team. And they’re there when we need them.”
– Bill D, MN Grower

“My Yield’s upgrade is the best money I’ve ever spent. It’s phenomenal. I’d never go back.”
– Jamie V, SD Grower

“I’ve had several guys say that we have the nicest looking beans in the county—they are branched out with pods everywhere.”
– Mike C, IA Grower

“My customers are very happy with My Yield’s solutions–they’ve seen consistent yield bumps compared to the big names out there.”
– Abe P, MN Dealer

“We are happy as hell. ”
– Joel H, SD Grower

“It’s been flawless.”
– Josh A, Grower and Dealer

“The best money we’ve spent was on our seed treater. The next best was on our upgrade.”
– Eric G, IA Grower and Dealer

“Hands down I can see where I put My Yield’s treatment on and where I didn’t.”
– Burton H, LA Grower

“I have said it many times and will continue to say it–My Yield’s service is second to none. Just a great bunch of people. You’ll get no complaints out of me.”
– Ryan S, MO Grower and Dealer

“Our beans look great—I can definitely tell the visual difference.”
– David E, IL Grower

“Out of everything I used this year, My Yield has shown to be my best looking beans.”
– Jeff K, WI Grower and Dealer

“The My Yield team is the best in the field. Can’t say enough about their commitment to service. Couldn’t be happier with the work they put in.”
– Darrell D, MO Grower

“Love the system and how gentle it is, especially on biologicals. It’s turning heads in our area for sure.”
– Ben W, KS Grower and Dealer

“Happier than I’ve ever been.”
–Vince M, ND Grower

“Really like the new My Yield system. It’s cutting edge with how fast, easy and accurate it is. And very easy to switch back and forth.”
– James T, ND Grower

“I appreciate My Yield’s service–those guys know their stuff and answer their phones.”
– Chris E, SD Grower

“When I have questions, the My Yield guys are available right away with the answer.”
– Nolan W, SD Grower

“When I have a question, My Yield calls with the answer in minutes.”
– Kevin M, IL Grower

“The treater is fast, convenient and very easy to use!”
– Dustin T, IL Grower

“My Yield is on point–our new system worked flawlessly.”
– David J, SD Grower


“Running our My Yield treater is a day well spent in our operation.”
– Robert Q, IA Grower


“The team was flawless on support.”
– Jeff J, IA Grower and Dealer


“Out of all the treaters we’ve run, we’re glad to now be in a My Yield.”
– Trey P, Grower and Dealer


“What sets My Yield far apart from the rest is their service.”
– Scott F, MN Grower and Dealer


“The My Yield guys are great–very technical and responsive.”
– Ross M, MN Grower

“My Yield is one of the best investments I’ve ever made in my seed business. Working with their team has been top-shelf.”
– Chris V, OH Grower and Dealer


“We’ve never seen treated seed look this good.”
– Adam T, MN Grower and Dealer


“It’s the best piece of equipment I’ve ever bought for this farm. It saves time and money and it’s easy to run. It doesn’t get any better than that.”
– Robert E, KY Grower


“We overtreat our corn with My Yield and have seen a 6 to 9 bushel increase compared to fields we didn’t overtreat. We don’t currently use the highest dollar yield monitors, but we’ll soon be able to afford them if we keep it up.”
– Brad S, IL Grower


“It’s one of the best decisions we’ve made for this farm.”
– Mark G, ND Grower


“I’m sure glad we didn’t buy any of the other treaters we were looking at. My Yield puts them all to shame. It’s so fast and each bean comes out looking perfect.”
– Tom P, KS Grower


“We’re really happy with the protection My Yield gives us in wet and tough conditions.”
– Eric T, SD Grower 


“We’ve saved a lot of money—a ton of money really. With My Yield, we can now treat what we want and when we want. Very economical.”
– Mark M, LA Grower


“I’m all thumbs up.”
– Shane M, MO Grower 


“I’m treating 4x faster than my neighbor that bought a brand new drum. And I value my time. So that’s big for me.”
– Andy G, NE Dealer and Grower


“We got tired of spending too much money on seed treatment without knowing what we were getting. My Yield put an end to all that. We now control our seed treatment.”
– Brent P, NE Grower 


“This rain is yet another reminder that we can’t control the weather. But now that we can control our seed treatment process, we can plan around it.”
– Mark P, Iowa Grower


“It’s so easy, the guy with the flip phone can run it.”
– John S, MI Grower


“Everyone is happy with the coverage and flowability. Each bean looks like it’s been dipped. They’re so smooth they flow like untreated beans.”
– Doug A, IA Grower and Dealer


“My Yield made the difference between replanting and not.”
– Matt H, SD Grower 


“None of the information online does My Yield justice—it’s great to work with a team that overdelivers.”
– Joey M, MN Grower


“It was simple. Excellent job at seed coverage. Heck of a job.”
– Duane S, Iowa Grower


“Really impressed with how quick and easy it was. The forklift can’t keep up. Extremely impressed with how even the coverage was.”
– Adam B, NE Grower


“Very simple. Very user friendly. Extremely accurate. I highly recommend it for an independent farmer.”
– Josh S, IN Grower


“Extraordinarily fast. Extremely simple. Coverage seemed remarkably good.”
–  Gary G, IN Grower


“Extremely accurate job. Easy to go box to box and do a high-quality job. Very happy with the coverage.”
– Jim S, IA Grower


“Everything we planted looked great coming out of the ground. We didn’t have any replant this season even when the weather turned cold in late April.”
– Eli B, NE Grower


“Treating seed was new to me and I still found the whole system really easy to use.”
– Kevin L, IA Grower


“It’s the fastest and most gentle treater out there. I would never use an auger or toss my seed like other treaters do. And it provides awesome coverage!”
– Nate M, IA Grower


“We used to use drum treaters. The My Yield treater beats them in all areas. And it’s so fast we find ourselves just trying to keep up. Very pleased overall!”
– Colin M, OH Grower


“It’s fast, simple and gets great coverage. I also really like its small footprint and portability.”
– Tom D, IA Grower


“The My Yield Premium treatment saved us from replant this year. Our weather turned nasty and lots of people in our area had to replant. No doubt the My Yield Premium treatment saved us this season.”
– Ashton G, IL Grower


“We used to use drum seed treaters and are really impressed with My Yield in comparison.”
– Corey E, WI Grower


“Each time we see another guy’s seed treater, we feel even better about going with My Yield.”
– Jason M, IA Grower


“Our prep time has been cut by 75% from our last seed treater.”
– Kyle M, IA Grower


“It’s easier, simpler and cleaner than any other seed treater I’ve run.”
– Nelson K, IA Grower


“We see a huge improvement in flowability and singulation when we use MY FX3I over the big name seed treatment brands.”
– Josh S, IN Grower


“The My Yield system is so efficient that it waits on me.”
– Dale P, IA Grower


“Tickled to death with our new seed treater.”
– Steven M, AR Grower


“My Yield provides a farmer friendly experience. We now can treat as we go and avoid the risk of getting stuck with treated seed. And we can treat 1,500 units a day no problem.”
– Alex H, MO Grower


“We’ve done a bunch of checks on My Yield’s seed treatment. It’s always been several bushels better than the untreated. So now in our fourth season, we trust it. We can treat about 6.000 acres worth of seed in under a day and a half.”
– Josh O, MS Grower


“My Yield builds the fastest and most versatile seed treater out there. We’ve cut our  treating time in half. It’s also so much more accurate.”
– Clark B, TN Grower


“My Yield provides the best capital cost per unit and the best customer service. It also works so damn well.” |
– Jason B, ND Grower and Dealer


“We originally bought a My Yield system for our non-GMO and specialty beans. After we saw how easy the system was to run and clean out, we ended up treating more units with it than our drum.”
– Seth Z, IL Grower and Dealer


“We saw great early emergence with My Yield. While a lot of guys had lots of replant in our area, we didn’t have any.”
– Mike E, OH Grower


“My Yield helped us to retake control of our operation. We now know what’s going on our seed. And because we treat on demand, we don’t need to worry about getting stuck with treated beans.”
– Brent M, KY Grower


“My Yield gives us total confidence in our seed treatment process. The system is fast, the treatment performs and the support is great. It’s a huge asset.”
– Kevin H, KY Grower


“In one word, the My Yield system is badass. The quality and speed of the seed treatment is unmatched. And controlling the entire process so I can treat on demand is huge, especially after this past season.”
– Austen C, SD Grower


“I used to use a smaller box-to-box treater with an auger. Not anymore. I finally made the transition to My Yield and I’m happy I did. The My Yield system is more accurate in application, way gentler on seed and twice as fast. It’s a no brainer.”
– Jason B, OH Grower and Seed Dealer

“I’m very impressed with My Yield’s team.”
– Keith L, MN Grower and Dealer


“We’ve been very happy with My Yield’s performance in the field.”
– Kyle R, MN Grower


“We really like how the My Yield system can expand and adapt with our operation.”
– Tyler M, Grower


“Very happy with My Yield’s overall service. Those guys are here when we need them.”
– Dan V, Grower


“Definitely happy I upgraded. Impressed by the accuracy. And My Yield has basically made it dummy proof.”
– Chris M, MN Grower


“My Yield is the smartest seed treatment decision you can make.”
– Tim H, LA Grower  


“I heard nothing but good things about My Yield coming in—how easy it is to use, the coverage and the customer service. And still everything has exceeded my expectations. It’s awesome.”
– Ryan S, MO Grower 


“We love it. We planted beans in very tough conditions and still had the best stands we’ve seen. Treating ourselves with My Yield had a lot do with that.”
Shane M, MO Grower


“Once you go with My Yield, you’ll never go back. We’re very impressed. Definitely worth the investment.”
– John and Adam T, MN Growers and Dealers


“We did side by sides and you can see the difference to the row—My Yield provides better protection.”
– Brian M, Michigan Grower and Dealer


“Ain’t gonna lie—My Yield is the best thing we’ve ever bought for our farm. We’re now saving $8-10 per unit doing it ourselves. We also never get caught with treated seed at the end of the season.”
– Chris J, LA Grower


“It’s one of the most gratifying things you can do for your farm. With My Yield, I have peace of mind that I applied the right rate to the right amount of seed.”
– Paul T, IA Grower


“With My Yield, we’re accurate to the ounce and know exactly what we’re saving.”
– Bryan S, SD Grower


“Going with My Yield is a no brainer.”
– Eric G, IA Grower


“I just treated 1,200 units and was accurate to the ounce. The My Yield treater is perfect.”
– Doug A, IA Grower


“It’s a good rig—great for the farmer. My Yield gives you the freedom to treat what you want when you want right from your own shop. Not to mention My Yield saves you a ton of money.”
– Lance M, LA Grower


“We looked at a lot of seed treaters. My Yield is super simple and fast. And it’s accurate to the unit.”
– Charlie A, IA Grower and Dealer


“It’s awesome.”
– Pete H, ND Grower


“The coverage on the beans we treated with My Yield was way better than anything my seed dealer treated in the past.”
– Mike H, NE Grower


“Very slick. Definitely a time saver.”
– Jake W, TN Grower


“My Yield is a great investment. It’s hard to overvalue the ability to control your seed treatment and ensure the job is done right. It’s priceless in our book.”
– John R, OH Grower


“My Yield’s seed treatment performed terrific for us in a tough year.”
– Kenny S, IA Grower


“I’ve cut my seed treatment cost by more than half doing this myself. I’ll also never wait in line again. My Yield pays for itself real fast.”
– Lance S, SD Grower


“I highly recommend My Yield—it’s a great a solution for seed treatment and the service that comes with it is impressive.”
– Erik B, IN Grower and Dealer


“I’ve been treating seed for eight years. This system is amazing in comparison to the drum treaters we used to use. We’re now treating in an hour what used to take us two.”
– John T, MN Grower and Dealer


“We treated over 1,000 units in an hour and half. And that was even with Uncle Joe driving the forklift.”
– Jason M, IN Grower


“With thought it was too good to be true. But My Yield delivered and then some. It’s awesome and I’m glad we joined.”
– Eric G, IA Grower


“It’s a good machine. A lot easier than the way we used to do it. One man can do this.”
– Clark H, LA Grower


“Our beans treated with the My Yield Premium blend had great early vigor and looked healthy all year long compared to beans in our other area.”
– Taylor B, TN Grower


“Accurate. Also fast and you don’t need to leave the farm. You’ve got the control and you know exactly what you’re getting.”
– Greg H, IA Grower


“From a one to 10, I give it a 10.”
– Darren L, LA Grower


“It’s just one more thing we can control in our operation.”
– Dalton G, MI Grower


“We looked at a lot of different seed treaters on the market and the only one I would use on my farm is My Yield. Other treaters use augers which we would never do. The C3 Conveyor could not be more gentle or do better job mixing. We’re happier than hell.”
– Roger and Eric T, IL Growers


“We have several side by sides. Early vigor and health at our place is very good on the My Yield Premium blend. The My Yield treated beans had great color and early vigor was pretty obvious against other treatments we have had.”
– Allan H, IA Grower


“We’ve saved a lot compared to our local seed dealers. It’s a no brainer in my book.”
– Tim H, LA Grower  


“Very smooth. Very fast for our operation. It’s saving us money forever.”
– Travis S, IA Growers


“We treated thousands and thousands of units and we absolutely love it!”
– Doug D, AR Seed Dealer


“We’ve saved a lot of money with My Yield these past few years. We now control what, when and how we treat. That’s important to us.”
– Jason W, LA Grower


“It worked real well treating right into the tender. And the best thing is it saved us money!”
– Alex R, IA Grower


“Finally a treater that is cost-effective and affordable for my dealers and growers.”
– Todd S, IA Seed Company RSM


“We are very impressed by overall system. It’s so easy to use and delivers a great finished product. It’s really second to none.”
– Mike K, IA Grower


“We planted in some horribly cold and wet conditions this season and little to no expectation that the beans were going to come up and they actually did.”
– Gary G, MI Grower


“This new seed treater is badass.”
– Chris J, LA Grower


“I bought the seed treater because I liked that it uses a conveyor, but after running it, I like the whole thing.”
– Robert F, WI Grower


“I can’t believe it’s so accurate when it’s so fast.”
– Chris V, OH Grower


“The My Yield system is way more machine than I ever thought we’d get for the money.”
– Ryan H, SD Grower


“We’re really happy with performance—from  speed to coverage. The support we get from My Yield is also top notch. We love it.”
– Blake K, IA Grower 


“The My Yield system is easy to use and very fast. And the seed coverage is fantastic. It’s a great addition to our operation.”
– Randy H, MN Grower


“My Yield allows me to quickly treat my own seed and save money. I love it.”
– George S, IL Grower


“By treating my seed with My Yield, I know exactly what’s going on each seed. I know I’m getting what I paid for. That’s peace of mind you only get doing the job yourself.”
– Stacey M, IA Grower