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My Yield® seed treatments are formulated for the grower that demands pinnacle emergence, uniform stands, outsized yields and maximum profits.

My Yield® seed treatments are custom blended with the latest seed protection technology to secure and maximize your yield. We use an intuitive, touchless delivery system and optimized formulations so your seed treatment works seamlessly with your seed treater. We hand select the highest performing active ingredients for soybean, corn and wheat protection so that we can customize our solutions to the needs of your geographic area, seed type and soil composition.

Treating seed is a long-established technique for protecting your crop from early-season diseases, damaging insects, unpredictable growing conditions and other pressures. But the practice is quickly evolving. That is why My Yield® is driving advancements in benefits of seed treatment each season.

As part of our work, we team up with the leading experts in biologicals, overtreatments and micronutrients to ensure that our growers always have direct access to the best crop technologies.


Here’s what our customers are saying . . .

“We ran side by sides on our soybeans. The difference was clear. My Yield won by 6 bushel.”
-Matt H, SD Grower

“We’re excited by what we saw— My Yield’s performance blend beat the standard by 2.1 bushel.”
-Zach B, IL Grower

“I used to think treating my seed was just about saving money. Not anymore. I’ve seen a clear yield increase and ROI with My Yield.”
-Mike M, IA Grower

“We saw a night and day difference with My Yield. Same variety. Same field. Same day.”
-Tate G, ND Grower

“We tested My Yield, saw a 3.8 bushel advantage and consistent performance since.”
-Noah N, ND Grower

“My customers are very happy with My Yield’s solutions–they’ve seen consistent yield bumps compared to the big names out there.”
-Abe P, MN Dealer

“Our beans are hands down the best looking in the area. It’s night and day. They are overpowering everything else.”
-Mike C, IN Grower

“We just don’t have the time in our operation to become seed treatment experts. That’s why we work with My Yield. Those guys obsess over seed treatment year round so we don’t have to.”
-Steve P, IA Grower


  • Custom seed treatment blends tailored to maximize yields
  • Controls seed- and soil-borne diseases and early season insects
  • Provides both systemic and contact protection with a high margin of seed safety
  • Improves overall early-season plant health
  • Maximizes uniform emergence for optimal stands and greater yield potential
  • Turn-key solution for seamless integration with My Yield® seed treaters
  • Ability to order to the unit