With its oversized intake and fill conveyor, the My Yield M7 is the biggest and fastest out there. The My Yield M7 provides the same great seed treatment quality as the My Yield M5 with increased capacity for higher volume treating. Put simply, this system is for those who want to go big.



The M7 utilizes the same process as the M5, but allows for even faster processing with its oversized intake and fill conveyor.



  • Fill conveyor for quick and easy transfer
  • Customizable configuration
  • Complete seed coverage through Seed Flow technology
  • 2,000 UPH (~1.5 minutes per box)
  • Integrated scale system option
  • Easy application calibration
  • Manual and automated options
  • Quick disconnect chemical tank
  • Easy lift points for maneuverability
  • Equipped with Revolve technology
  • Available models: 135, 340 and 550


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