My Yield M3 Seed Treater


The My Yield® M3 packs a punch. Like all of the My Yield® seed treaters, it’s fast, easy and accurate. But its low profile makes it perfect for low-clearance shops and its small footprint allows for easy storing. It comes with everything you need to treat seed just in time: M3 Treater, Quick-Connect Delivery and C3 Conveyor.



The M3 utilizes an active application chamber and a gentle rotational mixing process around multiple axes to promote maximum seed coverage while avoiding the risk of damage. Its seed flow control and direct application system ensures accuracy no matter the seed size. And the mixing process continues even after the seed leaves the Treater. The C3 Conveyor maximizes coverage by gently rotating the seeds on top of each other as the bed of treated seed float up the Conveyor. This seamless combination of the M3 Treater’s multiple application point technology and the C3 Conveyor’s comprehensive mixing process ensures complete and gentle coverage of each individual seed.



  • Lowest profile
  • Smallest footprint
  • 2,000 UPH (~90 seconds per box)
  • Direct application technology
  • Complete seed coverage through Seed Flow technology
  • Integrated smart loadcell system
  • Equipped with Revolve technology
  • Easy seed flow and application calibration
  • Quick disconnect chemical tank
  • Easy lift points for maneuverability
  • Available models: 18, 24 and 30-foot C3 Conveyor


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