My Yield Farmers discussing Box to Box Seed Treaters and Seed Treatments

As farmers ourselves, we appreciate accountability.

We know farmers have a lot going on, especially during planting season. When there’s an issue, you don’t have time to call your seed treater manufacturer, your seed treatment provider and your dealer. And you certainly don’t have time to entertain the finger pointing that goes on between them all.

Designing a fast and accurate seed treater is very challenging. Formulating a seed treatment blend that performs both in the seed treater and in the field is also very difficult. And a lot can go wrong from the equipment to the chemistries, especially when there are a bunch of different sources.

That’s why at My Yield® we do everything in house. We build each seed treater from the ground up in our manufacturing facility. We blend each seed treatment with our hand selected ingredients in our blending facility. And we provide 24/7 support for each of our customers.

When it comes to seed treatment, we do everything and outsource nothing. This is because we believe it’s the only way to provide a complete seed treatment solution in which all of the components work seamlessly together. And if there’s ever an issue or a question, the only number you need is ours.