My Yield Box to Box Seed Treater being built by Welder

From the ground up.

And for the farmer.

As farmers ourselves, we knew farmers needed to take control of their seed treatment process. We also knew they didn’t have adequate tools to do so. The seed treaters that existed were designed for the big retailer. They were large,complex and very expensive.

So we went to the drawing board to design a seed treater specifically for the grower. In doing so, we focused on three core characteristics that growers would need in a seed treater: fast, easy and accurate. And we engineered each My Yield® seed treater to be just that.

Fast: Efficiency is key to critical applications on the farm. Seed treatment is no different. So we designed the My Yield® seed treaters to treat seed fast enough for same day planting. My Yield® seed treaters can treat a full box of seed in as little as 60 seconds. As a result, our growers are able to wait until minutes before heading to the field to treat their seed.

Easy: As with most new equipment, simplicity is key. So we designed all of the My Yield® seed treaters for easy, one person operation. By the time we are done setting up our growers, they’ve already mastered operating the system. Growers are busy so it’s important that they’re able to quickly learn and implement our systems.

Accurate: Success in the field starts with performance in the seed treater. So we set out to make all of the My Yield® seed treaters extremely accurate. With our direct application process, we apply active ingredient to each individual seed. And with our C3 conveyor, we perform a gentle and comprehensive mixing process. As a result, we see great results out of the seed treater and in the field.

We designed the My Yield® seed treaters specifically for the grower to provide one of the tools growers need to finally take control of their seed treatment process. We have stood where many farmers currently stand. And that is why we build from the ground up for the farmer.