What are our customers saying?

“I’m sure glad we didn’t buy any of the other treaters we were looking at. My Yield puts them all to shame. It’s so fast and each bean comes out looking perfect.”
– Tom P., Kansas Grower
“This rain is yet another reminder that we can’t control the weather. But now that we can control our seed treatment process, we can plan around it.”
– Mark P., Iowa Grower
“Everyone is happy with the coverage and flowability. Each bean looks like it’s been dipped. They’re so smooth they flow like untreated beans.”
– Doug A., Iowa Grower and Dealer
“We’ve never seen treated seed look this good.”
– Adam T., Minnesota Grower and Dealer
“It’s the best piece of equipment I’ve ever bought for this farm. It saves time and money and it’s easy to run. It doesn’t get any better than that.”
– Robert E., Kentucky Grower
“It was simple. Excellent job at seed coverage. Heck of a job.”
– Duane S., Iowa Grower
“Really impressed with how quick and easy it was. The forklift can’t keep up. Extremely impressed with how even the coverage was.”
– Adam B., Nebraska Grower
“Very simple. Very user friendly. Extremely accurate. I really recommend it highly for an independent farmer.”
– Josh S., Indiana Grower
“Extraordinarily fast. Extremely simple. Coverage seemed remarkably good.”
– Gary G., Michigan Grower
“Extremely accurate job. Easy to go box to box and do a high-quality job. Very happy with the coverage.”
– Jim S., Iowa Grower
“Everything we planted looked great coming out of the ground. We didn’t have any replant this season even when the weather turned cold in late April.”
– Eli B., Nebraska Grower
“Treating seed was new to me and I still found the whole system really easy to use.”
– Kevin L., Iowa Grower
“It’s the fastest and most gentle treater out there. I would never use an auger or toss my seed like other treaters do. And it provides awesome coverage!”
– Nate M., Iowa Grower
“We used to use drum treaters. The My Yield treater beats them in all areas. And it’s so fast we find ourselves just trying to keep up. Very pleased overall!”
– Colin M., Ohio Grower
“It’s fast, simple and gets great coverage. I also really like its small footprint and portability.”
– Tom D., Iowa Grower
“The My Yield Premium treatment saved us from replant this year. Our weather turned nasty and lots of people in our area had to replant. No doubt the My Yield Premium treatment saved us this season.”
– Ashton G., Illinois Grower
“The My Yield seed treater is the most gentle treater out there. I would never use an auger or toss my seed like other treaters do. The My Yield treater also provides awesome coverage!”
– Nate M., Iowa Grower
“Once you go with My Yield, you’ll never go back. We’re very impressed. Definitely worth the investment.”
– John and Adam T., Minnesota Growers and Dealers
“We looked at a lot of seed treaters. My Yield is super simple and fast. And it’s accurate to the unit.”
– Charlie A., Iowa Grower and Dealer
“I’ve been treating seed for eight years. This system is amazing in comparison to the drum treaters we used to use. We’re now treating in an hour what used to take us two.”
– John T., Minnesota Grower and Dealer
“We treated over 1,000 units in an hour and half. And that was even with Uncle Joe driving the forklift.”
– Jason M., Iowa Grower
“It’s a good machine. A lot easier than the way we used to do it. One man can do this.”
– Clark H., Louisiana Grower
“Our beans treated with the My Yield Premium blend had great early vigor and looked healthy all year long compared to beans in our other area.”
– Taylor B., Tennessee Grower
“Accurate. Fast and you don’t need to leave the farm. You’ve got the control and you know exactly what you’re getting.”
– Greg H., Iowa Grower
“From a one to 10, I give it a 10.”
– Darren L., Louisiana Grower
“It’s just one more thing we can control in our operation.”
– Dalton G., Michigan Grower
“We looked at a lot of different seed treaters on the market and the only one I would use on my farm is My Yield. Other treaters use augers which we would never do. The C3 Conveyor could not be gentle or do better job mixing. We’re happier than hell.”
– Roger and Eric T., Illinois Growers
“We have several side by sides. Early vigor and health at our place is very good on the My Yield Premium blend. The My Yield treated beans had great color and early vigor was pretty obvious against other treatments we have had.”
– Allan H., Iowa Grower
“Very smooth. Very fast for our operation. It’s saving us money forever.”
– Travis S., Iowa Growers
“We treated thousands and thousands of units and we absolutely love it!”
– Doug D., Arkansas Seed Dealer
“It worked real well treating right into the tender. And the best thing is it saved us money!”
– Alex R., Iowa Grower
“Finally a treater that is cost-effective and affordable for my dealers and growers.”
– Todd S., Iowa Seed Company RSM
“We are very impressed by overall system. It’s so easy to use and delivers a great finished product. It’s really second to none.”
– Mike K., Iowa Grower
“We planted in some horribly cold and wet conditions this season and little to no expectation that the beans were going to come up and they actually did.”
– Gary G., Michigan Grower
“This new seed treater is badass.”
-Chris J., Louisiana Grower