MY YIELD Custom Blends

MY YIELD treatments are custom blended with the latest seed protection technology to maximize your yield. MY YIELD utilizes an easy-to-use, touchless chemical delivery system and optimized formulations so your MY YIELD blends work seamlessly with your MY YIELD treater. We hand select the highest performing chemistries for soybean protection, corn protection and wheat protection so that we can customize our solutions to the needs of your geographic area, seed type and soil composition. Treating seed is a proven technique for protecting your crop from early season diseases, damaging insects and unpredictable growing conditions. MY YIELD is the next advancement in the proven benefits of soybean treatment, corn treatment and wheat treatment. MY YIELD blends are chosen and formulated for the farmer that demands pinnacle emergence, uniform stands, outsized yields and maximum profits. Call today to learn more about which MY YIELD seed protection solution is right for you.

MY YIELD Seed Treater


  • Custom blends tailored to maximize farmer yields
  • Controls seed- and soil-borne diseases and early season insects
  • Provides both systemic and contact protection with a high margin of seed safety
  • Improves overall early-season plant health
  • Maximizes uniform emergence for optimal stands and greater yield potential
  • Turn-key solution for seamless integration with MY YIELD treatment systems